Wave Awards 2017

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The WAVE awards are a celebration of local talent in the video production industry as well as web, multimedia, and graphic design fields. Regular costs are: $65 for Members, $75 Non-members, $20 for students. This year we also have bulk pricing with breaks for 5+ entries and 10+. Permitted projects must be completed between July 1st 2016 and June 30th 2017.

Entry Opens

Jul 10, 2017

Entry Closes

Sep 28, 2017

Judging Date

Oct 7, 2017

Awards Show

Nov 16, 2017, 12:00AM


Programs which showcase a particular skill used in pre-production, production or post-production.

  • Cinematography & Videography

    Composition, camera work, color, lighting, timing, movement, etc.
  • Graphics & Animation

    Motion graphic elements, design and layout, stop motion, hand drawn or computer animated work.
  • Creative/Spec/Probono

    Work you made for creative, spec, or probono efforts.
  • Editing

    Pacing, use of transitions and effects, emotional impact of edit, etc.
  • Writing

    Scripts, VO, or other copy written.
  • Audio & Sound Design

    Music composition, use of music, sound effects, narration and voiceover. This can be in radio, tv, film, or internet.
  • Directing

    The sum total of production. How the acting, cinematography, and editing come together. How does the vision of the piece come through.

Video & Film

Moving pictures. Whether it's YouTube, a client's website, or beamed from a satellite to your device, this is the category for you.

  • Broadcast Commercials

    Any commercial on television or streaming services.
  • Branding & Corporate Image

    Programs which promote a brand identity without promoting a specific product or service.
  • Live Production/Streaming

    Programs produced or streamed live, or produced for a live audience. This includes show openers, transitions, closers, etc.
  • Product Sales & Marketing

    Programs which market or promote a specific product or range or products.
  • Service Sales & Marketing

    Programs which market or promote a specific service or range of services.
  • Training & Informational

    Programs that help viewers learn something or affect economical, political, environmental, or social change. PSAs.


Where students may enter their work. Student work is judged by local members.

  • Student - Video & Film

    Any work created for any reason, including a demo reel.
  • Student - Audio/Sound Design

    Composing, use of music, sound effects, narration.
  • Student - Web/Multimedia/Print

    Websites, flash/animation, photography, digital graphics, and good 'ol print work.


Can include websites, games, flash-type development, interactive presentations, and anything printed.

  • Web/Multimedia/Print

    All graphic efforts on the web, or other forms of media and print.

These will be awarded in addition to the category awards.

Judges Favorite (3)

Each judge picks their favorite piece.

Best in Show

The piece that stands above the rest.